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Independence Day of Ukraine





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We want to make it easy to discover and support local with the Ukrainian connection or roots. Businesses small & big, Nonprofits, Artists, Musicians, Craftsmen and Others.

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I support Ukraine because...

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The Ukrainian people deserve freedom and destiny chosen by them. Their lives and liberty must be protected. The Ukrainian heritage, language and culture is world heritage. It should be valued and preserved. Every adequate person in this world is for peace, and so am I.

Natalia Devlin


I support Ukraine, because the people are beautiful, peaceful, and the country is beautiful from what i have seen in photos and when I lived in Russia, I went to Novgorod which is not too far from Ukraine and when I lived in Russia, I went to a Ukrainian restaurant and I love the food; i also got a Ukrainian clacking toy when I lived in Russia, that was made in Ukraine and I also have a Christmas ornament from Ukraine. I was fascinated with Ukraine since I was a little girl. I always saw Ukraine as beautiful innocent girls playing in wheat farms. In addition, I have two vyshyvankas and I love Kyiv cake and I adore Zelensky

Dr Réagan Lorraine Lavorata.PhD

I stand with Ukraine because of all the wonderful people I was able to meet in my time there. It was my first opportunity to spend time outside of the U.S. and learn about other cultures. They took me in and are a warm, welcoming people with so much to offer. I learned to humble myself and they truly taught me how to care best for others outside of myself. I love the people and country of Ukraine more than I can say.

Annie Sato


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Support local refugee resettlement agencies, so that they can provide support to Ukrainian refugees. International Rescue Committee is one of those organizations.

Natalia Devlin


I believe United 24, the charity stated by Zelensky should be supported, as should support Ukrainian refugees. also NATO and all nations should give Ukraine all the weapons needed to win the war

Dr Réagan Lorraine Lavorata.PhD

If they are still collecting donations, International Language Program was raising money to send to the children and families over there that we have connections with and doing what they can to support the people in Ukraine.

Annie Sato



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