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Euro Dog Collars and Leashes

Obsession with quality, craftsmanship, and attention to the finer things in life are finally affordable for your dog with Euro-Dog.

Euro Dog Collars and Leashes

Denver, Colorado


Ukraine Business


Mariana and Michael

OWNER (s):



Hundreds of years of European culture pervade the durability and style of Euro-Dog. Two families united from Europe and America to bring you the highest quality American leather and superior materials paired with fine European steel. A genuine leather flat collar ornamented with polyester stitching making the collar pop and a tongue of extra leather to protect your pup. It's easier to clip your dog with the lead ring on the back and also great for dog training. Born and raised in Europe, Euro-Dog is now made with durable American leather and forged European steel in Colorado.

We also have adjustable quick-release, martingale, and first to market rolled leather quick-release collars.

Our new waterproof collars are the only collars with YKK buckles designed in Japan and made in the USA.

Made from fine European steel and genuine full-grain American leather, or other superior material, your canine companion is sure to be noticed in an exquisite Euro-Dog collar, harness, or leash.

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