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HiHelloUkraine is an event, media, and marketing platform that helps local communities discover and support Ukrainian Owned Businesses & Entrepreneurs.


Denver, Colorado


Event, Media, Marketing Platform


Vadym Ostrovskyy

OWNER (s):



HiHelloUkraine Belief

We believe that most people want to support Ukraine...They just do not know HOW to support Ukraine & its people in the sustainable fashion...

For people outside of the Ukrainian Diaspora, there is only so much money one can donate and so many hours that one can volunteer before getting burned out.

So, Why Not?

So, why not support Ukraine and its people by spending A LITTLE BIT of your normal monthly expenses with Ukrainian Owned Businesses & Entrepreneurs?

After All...

Ukrainian people are very Entrepreneurial...

You can find them running grocery stores, coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, food trucks, yoga/pilates studios, shoe-repair shops.

They ARE real estate agents, mortgage brokers, dentists, chiropractors, doctors.

And the list goes on...

Most Importantly!!!

These same people are more likely to give back to their families, friends, partners, and communities back home...

By buying from Ukrainian Businesses & Entrepreneurs, you will be helping Ukraine and its people...

And, this is where "Yarmarok" comes in...

About "Yarmarok"

A monthly Ukrainian Business & Entrepreneurship Expo - "Yarmarok" will provide a platform for Ukrainian well-wishers to come together, discover, and support Ukrainian Owned Businesses & Entrepreneurs.

We invite you to join Denver in celebration and support of Ukrainian culture, art, music, food, and, most importantly, its people.

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