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Rotary Club of Denver Mile High

The Rotary Club of Denver Mile High is a service organization under the umbrella of Rotary International. Our goal is to better the lives of others in our community, country and world. We currently are working with Rotary District 5450 to alleviate hardships of the Ukrainian population displaced by the current war.

Rotary Club of Denver Mile High

Denver, Colorado




Annely Noble, President, 2022-23

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Our club is a 501(c)6 with a 501(c)3 foundation. We have a membership of around 50 active and engaged professionals from every aspect of life and business. We meet the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday mornings of each month at 7:00-8:30am at the University Club; we meet at different off-site locations the 1st Wednesdays, and meet for happy hour the 5th Wednesdays. Please see our website for more information. We promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Following are the ways in which we are trying to help the citizens in Ukraine:
1. We are partnering with another club to provide blankets for Ukrainians in Kharkiv who have no power or heat source
2. We are working with Odessa International on two possible projects: a. supplying a coagulating laser device to a Ukrainian hospital to stem bleeding resulting from war or surgery or b. Providing psychological trauma care to war victims.
3. We provided resources to a medical supply organization delivering emergency equipment and supplies (Project Cure) and emergency shelters (Shelter Box).

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