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Get Discovered, Submit Your Profile To Biz Registry...

We love Ukrainian Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurs and want for more people outside of Ukrainian Diaspora discover and support Your Business, Your NGO, Your Venture, Your Project.


You can submit basic profile about your business, get published, share the profile with your social media, and get discovered and supported by more people. 


Who is an Ukrainian Owned Businessperson or Entrepreneur?

Yes, you got is literally anyone and everyone who has an enterprenurial spirit. 


Are you a baker? hairstylist? chiropractor? dentist? coffee shop? sandwich deli? restaurant? credit union? start up? papermill? 


Is your revenue $100/months or $1,000,000/month?


You do not have a business license and are trying to start a business?

It does not matter!!!

We consider all people with enterprenurial spirit a Business Owner and/or Entrepreneur.

And, we want for more people discover You, Your Business, Your project, Your idea and support you just because you are an Ukrainian.

Special call out to social media influencers and personalities...


Guess what, you are also an ENTERPRENEUR...


It is just your focus is on growing your audience and monetizing your expertise via social media channels.  

Special call out to musicians, artists, writers, sculptors, poets... 


Guess what, you are also an ENTERPRENEUR...


Everyone has to earn money and you are doing that through your incredible talents, creativity, and skills.

Are you a non-profit owned by Ukrainian or focused on helping Ukraine?  

Guess what, you are also an ENTERPRENEUR...


It is just your focus is on helping people vs. making profit...In American vernacular, You operate in the area of Social Entrepreneurship.

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